Don’t just change.
re-invent the whole hr hustle

Why on earth would you want to improve HR? To launch strategies that deliver even less results? Nah, we’re good.

Trailblazers that transform the game

Different is better than better. Experience is the marketing. Let that sink in. Those two quotes are the foundation of tHRibe.World, the HR & Experience ecosystem turning HR upside down. Hustle it up. Re-invent the entire game.

Insert future memories

Design future memories of your brand with our tHRibes, packed with stellar HR experts. Activate, manage, and above all: give your employees a taste of a whole new experience.

Come home to your tHRibe

Why? Because your organization’s culture is defined by the identity of the collective. Come on now, we all know being part of a like-minded group of people is the best thing on the planet. That’s exactly what a tHRibe is all about.

Think big. Go hard in whatever you do and how you do it. Find your unique tHRibe, turn your organization into an authentic, genuine tHRibe and choose an experience you’ve never experienced.

tHRibe Experience

Choose mind-blowing or don’t choose at all

Reluctantly coercing yourself to attend that staff party; wanting to call in sick for that management trip… Imagine navigating your team (your business even) that way!

Why wouldn’t you want to launch an event that gives your co-workers goosebumps, or a teambuilding event set for the history books? How about a company fair that shatters LinkedIn and Instagram into thousands of little enthusiastic likes and shares?

It’s the memories, DUH!

Memories aren’t created out of thin air; they’re forged every day – flame by flame. An exciting experience will have you on your way in no time!

tHRibe.Experience builds the experience that boosts creativity, engagement, and overall employee happiness. Build authentic ambassadorship, epic memories, and awe-inspiring moments for your teams.

How do we do that?

Tell us your expectations. We’ll listen.

We develop a concept. Traditional, edgy, or completely bananas – you choose.

Your experience is seasoned with typical tHRibe ingredients: surprise, connection, activation, and the ‘wow’ factor.

We plan, produce, and execute.

You enjoy yourself, together with your clients or team members.

You pay the invoice, with a smile of course!

You’ll do it all over again, in a heartbeat, because it was more than worth it

tHRibe People

Deleting BS
from HR since 2022

Standard outsourcing and recruitment practices are so 1990. An infinite idiotic dance of diplomas and questionnaires making everyone miserable. We’ll take a tHRibe above that crazy shizzle any day.

A true tHRibe allows you to learn from the best, perfecting your skills through innovative technologies and groundbreaking methods. Different? Sure. Better? You bet your life it is.

Out with the madness, in with succes!

We don’t know who said it, but the (wo)man made a point: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different outcome. Abso-effing-lutely. Time for a change.

tHRibe.People builds the environment where innovative, creative, and emotionally intelligent HR pros can really live it up. Where they can achieve excellent results at their own pace. A place where their talent is appreciated to the full and quality of life isn’t measured by motivational quotes on badly painted walls.

Be yourself – a fulltime job on its own

Come connect with like-minded talent, enthusiastic people’s people with an extremely well-developed bullshit detector. Talent who grow because they want to, looking for the magical impact of new experiences. Who form a tHRibe together, achieving the coolest things.

You’re done compromising. Work exclusively with stable businesses who understand our mission. Learn unimaginable lessons from continuous research, the latest industry insights, the best experts, and evidence-based processes.

And oh yeah, tHRibe.People are the ideal antidote against every type of tireless bore. Fun and funky, that’s how we roll.


Burn down the house, build back
up the world

If you’re not at the table, you’re likely on the menu. And we don’t want you to get eaten! Time to re-think Human Resources as Human Capital, a shift towards creativity, strategy and leadership through exciting trainings, memorable masterclasses, and workshops that grind themselves into your memory.

Because you’re so much more than a mere executive department, right?

Same same, but different

tHRibe.Builders creates a distinctive learning environment. Tame isn’t your game. Launch yourself through groundbreaking knowledge, exciting innovations, and strategies designed for impact. Master tools that will change your world, personal and professional . Take part in exceptional trainings that open your mind and turbo-boost your skills.


Everything we do, we do with future memories in the driver’s seat. It’s time to make an impact, feed those little sparks to combust into flames, delivering an explosion of change until the entire house is blazing with enthusiasm.

tHRibe Builders – A UNIQUE BREED

Who are these curious beings we call tHRibe.Builders? Well, first of all they’re our very own tHRibe People. HR pros helping clients grow with an abundance of HR expertise, day after day.

Also in the mix: organizations wanting to pimp their HR team into a future-driven impact machine. And, last but not least: HR experts who realize the need for HR to re-invent itself, to remain relevant, and not stopping until they’re equipped with the tools to reach that goal.

Eager to meet?